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Calling all Shelters and Rescues!

You may have received our most recent communication over the holiday season regarding some pawsitive information about a re-launch of Canadian Wings of Rescue. The new board is excited to start off with a bang and host a re-launch event involving our previous partner rescues, and we’re hoping you will be one of them!

Here’s the plan:

During the first week of April, we are hoping to have a couple rescues with pre-arranged adoptions or new foster arrangements participate in a multi-flight launch event. We are wanting to offer our services to transport any animals that are adopted, changing foster homes, or have a meet-n-greet to their secondary locations (and back if required).

We will have a small media presence at each location of pick-up and/or drop-off not only to promote Canadian Wings of Rescue but to also introduce your rescue to families who may be looking for an additional family member!

Do you have any adoptions, foster-swaps, or meet-n-greets on your future radar and interested in participating?


You can also send us an email at, if you are interested or have questions/suggestions!

We can’t wait to hear from you and hopefully fly with you soon!

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